Wednesday, December 28, 2005

On the move

I've finally done it! The Toledo has now been moved to it's new resting place at Anita's next to Baby Blue. A large chunk of filler from the front end broke off so I think this car's fate is sealed unless I'm brave enough to fit that front end panel that I have in the garage. The engine still turns over and fires with a dose of Easystart. Becky is none the worse for towing the Toledo. I hope I don't need to do any more towing!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Doing something with the Toledo

Yes, she's now for sale on eBay and if she doesn't sell I will tow her over to Anita's house and break her there. (I can't do it at home)

Watch this space...

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Oh dear, this isn't good at all

I had somebody interested in the Toledo. When he came up to look he found some rust holes at the ends of the sills so it looks like it will get scrapped because there's too much work involved. As there's plenty of good parts to be had I won't get somebody to just take it away to be crushed. I will tow it to Anita's and strip it there. I don't feel I can really get the welding done so it might be better to concentrate on getting Baby Blue on the road.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Slow progress

I'm now a bit closer to starting the welding on Baby Blue. I went to a mate who has been restoring a Triumph Herald to help him get all his bits together in readiness for assembling it together. He gave me some degreaser, some offcuts of metal and some old gears on which I can prataice my welding.
Becky still keeps on going and performance is still good even though she's back on her regular diet of Morrisons unleaded.
The pressure is back on to move the Toledo. The word "scrap" has even been mentioned. There's no way I'll do that! That car is perectly saveable andf is more or less complete.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

She keeps right on going

Nothing new to report on Becky since I replaced the water pump. She's running as sweet as a nut and I'm sure performance has improved since I fed her some BP instead of the usual diet of Morrison's unleaded. I nearly used the BP Ultimate until I saw the price! I suppose they have to find the money for the radio adverts (that I've been haring on Virgin Radio) somehow. I went to Club Triumph's North Wales & Cheshire meeting last night and there's my North Yorkshire meeting tonight so Becky's done a few miles this week! Good practaice for my Peak District Run, the HCR and the RBRR. All I need is a co-driver for the HCR & RBRR!