Sunday, September 30, 2012

Back on the road!

Oh yes, Brown is now 100% road legal again. I taxed it yesterday at the Post Office. I could've done it online but I didn't want to wait and besides, you can't beat the feeling of going to the Post Office and getting a tax disc without having to pay for it.
I put some fresh fuel in and the car's running fine. The exhaust started to rattle but it has now disappeared. I'm planning to use this car daily during the week to shake it down.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Fresh MoT

Brown came home today with a fresh MoT:

The total cost (not including the £40 test fee) came to £300 most of which was for the welding needed. Once I've taxed the car in the morning I'll be good to go. Here's to continued enjoyment of this car.

Friday, September 14, 2012

MoT failure...

Brown has failed the MoT. Nothing too serious but obviously bad enought to fail. The fails were:

Corrosion on the chassis rails at the front subframe mounting points.
Corrosion on one of the jacking points at the rear of one of the sills.
Play in the forint wheel bearings.
Poor and imbalanced handbrake.
Loose headlight and aimed too low.
Torn exhaust mounting rubber.

It will be just over £200 to put it all right (it might be more depending on how much rot is found) so I've booked the car in for repairs and retest for next Thurdsay. I don't have to pay for the road tax on this car (1972 Triumph Dolomite) so I'm not too bothered about having to fork out to get this car through the MoT and I might as well get it done when I can afford it.