Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Testing times

I've booked Snowdrop in for the MoT next Thursday so I'll have to try to sort out the brakes before then. She'll be in daily use that week as I've got 3 meetings on Mon, Tues & Weds. I hope she wil pass...

Give me a brake Part 3

Unfortunately this little saga continues...

I checked Snowdrop's brake fluid reservoir and it was empty! The fluid must be going somewhere even though I can't see any telltale evidence on the drive. As I mentioned the only parts of the system I've disturbed are the bleed nipple on one of the rear wheels and the rear flexible hose when I fitted the Toledo's rear axle. I suspect that the rear flexible hose is leaking and the fluid is leaking on the top of the axle and getting soaked into the muck & grease. That would explain the absence of brake fluid on the drive. I'll have to dig out that new flexible hose and fit it soon before Snowdrop goes in for her MoT.

As you can see in this pic the paintwork is looking a bit better now and it didn't cost me any money. Always pays to hang on to stuff because it will come in useful later on. Posted by Picasa

Becky's bootlid had some faded paint as you can see so I decided to revive it. It just so happened that I had a bottle of T-Cut in the right colour so I put it to good use. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Exhausted part 3

I've now cured the blowing exhaust.

I removed the downpipe, wirebrushed the downpipe and manifold. Used lots of exhaust assembly paste (Holts Firegum) put it back together and it doesn't leak any more. Next up will be the downpipe-to middle section joint as that's leaking. I'm still losing brake fluid and I don't know where it is going. The only part of the system I've disturbed was the rear flexible hose so I might fit the new one I bought.

Friday, August 25, 2006

I'm gonna be clearing out some of my rubbish (old clutches, etc) out of my cars and I'll be clearing the garage out so I've borrowed this Renault Laguna estate from my mate. He's just had some work done by a local Renault dealer and they've MoTd it as well so she's road legal. Not bad for 10 years old and ideal for taking lots of rubbish down to the local tip!
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Thursday, August 24, 2006

She runs!

Snowdrop is now running fine again. I bled the air out of the brakes (still don't know where its getting in!), went down to get some petrol and added some Redex. I then had a drive round the area (a bit further afield than round the block!) and she was fine. I then took her for a run along the M62 towards Goole which was 50 miles each way. She was a bit hesitant when setting off in first gear but on they way back she was fine. The exhaust was blowing at the manifold again so I'll have to get that sorted out. I've got a spare gasket and I've bought some exhaust assembly paste from my local Halfords to do the job. Becky's been out of action because I'm running around in my mate's Renault Laguna estate which I'll be needing when I have a sort out at the garage where my spares 1500 is kept.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Service & cleanup

After the successful MoT pass I treated Becky to a service. She's had new oil, oil filter, spark plugs and an air filter. While changing the spark plugs I damaged one of the HT leads so I replaced all the HT leads keeping the remaining old ones for emergency spares.

On a more positive note I removed Snowdrop's fuel tank, washed it out and then I flushed the fuel line with clean warm water. I'm having to replace a section of flexible hose as well and once that's done Snowdrop should be sugar-free. We shall see...

Friday, August 11, 2006

Some good news!

Becky has passed her MoT with flying colours. Not even any advisories so I'm well chuffed! Better than last year and the first time I've ever had a car pass the first time! A far cry from the days when my Ford Mondeo would need £500 worth of work to get through the test!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I've faced the inevitable

Yes, I've had to face up to the fact that Snowdrop's fuel tank will have to come out to be cleaned. I've already drained it in readiness for this task and I'll also have to clean the fuel lines out as well. Shouldn't be too difficult to do.
Becky's been booked in for her MoT tomorrow. It was the same guys who did it last year (local independent Rover specialists) so they know the car and they're a good bunch of lads whom I know I can trust.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Got stuff done

Got plenty done with Snowdrop.

The fuel filter's been fitted, I put some Redex & a tenner's worth of Sainsbury's super unleaded in the tank, I've replaced the broken engine mounting and I've bled the brakes which are now working fine. Snowdrop still isn't running right. There must still be sugar in the fuel line. I wish I could clear it. Anyway, the filter will catch it all.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Becky's exhaust problem is now cured. I took it to the local independent tyre place I use and they fitted and restudded a replacement exhaust manifold which I supplied courtesy of my local Acclaim guru. A new gasket for the downpipe was fitted and job done! Well worth it for £35.

Turning my attention to Snowdrop, I went down to the garage where the spares 1500 is kept and I took the engine mounts off the Toledo's original engine. I've fitted a fuel filter and with it fitted I can now see why Snowdrop keeps on cutting out. There's a blockage in the fuel line somewhere no doubt caused by the sugar contamination. I've got it all out now so I'll just put in some additive that should hopefully clear the blockage.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Becky's turn

Becky's now having her turn for some attention. I replaced the rear tyres and I've also made a start on curing a blowing exhaust (at the manifold) which started when I replaced the gearbox. It turns out that the manifold will need replacing because one of the blind studs is just turning. I've managed to source a replaement manifold which I can't get until tomorrow.

Going back to Snowdrop, I think I've cured the running problem, the clutch seems fine but the brakes are playing up again so I'll have to bleed them yet again and possibly fit that new brake hose which I was going to save for the axle rebuild.