Saturday, December 20, 2014

Carb breather hoses.

The carb breather hoses cam in the post today.
I wasted no time in getting them fitted. The photos are before and after they were fitted.
I also tidied up the hose that goes from the cam cover (not visible in the above photos). One more job ticked off the list.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Some more stuff done.

Today's main job was to tune the carburettors and to this end I put some fresh petrol in. I was pleasantly surprised to see that unleaded has gone down yet again to 110.7p per litre at my local Asda. When I got back the engine had reached working temperature so I was able to start on the tuning. I screwed the jet adjusters all the way to the top and then back down 12 flats. It isn't perfect but it is a good starting point. Next I unscrewed the throttle adjustment screws. The choke linkage was adjusted and the fast idle screws were unscrewed as far as possible (this was the cause of my fast idling). I then started the engine but it wouldn't run so I screwed the idle screws in a bit until the engine would run. Next was to balance the carburettors. I have a balancer for this very job. It is a metal one I bought from my local Moss and has served me well. Once the carbs were balanced, I adjusted the idle, refitted the air cleaner and adjusted the idle again. The car is now running much better. I've just the fast idle to sort out but that can be done another time. The car is still not quite 100%. The breather pipes are perished so I've ordered a pair from Robsport. The carb mounts are past their best so I'll order a pair of the solid carb mounts from the TDC. I've considered fitting Stromberg CD150s as per original spec (I've even got the correct inlet manifold) but if it ain't broke...

Another brake problem has come up. The brake lights have stopped working and despite swapping with some spares that came off the Astra when I upgraded to LEDs, I still had no joy. A trip to the local Halfords saw a brand new pair of bulbs fitted which has fixed the problem. I'll be fitting LED bulbs but this is WAY down on the priorities. I need to fix that subframe mount. The steering doesn't feel right especially on full lock.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Subframe bushes.

The subframe bushes arrived the day after I'd placed the order.
It wasn't cheap at just a shade over £85 but they should outlast the car and won't need changing for a long time. I'm still awaiting the inner wing. Once that arrives, I can get the car in for it to be welded into place.

I've got a few jobs to do once that job is out of the way. In no particular order:

Fit solid carb mounts.
Replace the car breather hoses.
Fit a club stainless exhaust.
Replace the alloys with the correct spec steel wheels.
Get the car resprayed.

Monday, December 15, 2014

That subframe mount...

I've decided to bite the bullet and get this subframe mount sorted out once and for all. This is what it looks like at the moment.
To get proper access to it, the engine will have to come out for the subframe to be unbolted. Because there have been patches around this area previously, they will have to be unpicked and fresh metal welded in. I was offered an inner wing from a scrap Dolomite so I've taken up this offer. I'm assured that it is rot free in this vital area so that has saved me a few quid on the repair kit that the TDC sells. I'm going to renew the subframe bushes as well (makes sense to do it while the subframe is coming off) so I've ordered a full set of Super Flex subframe bushes from Chris Witor taking advantage of the 10% discount he gives to TDC members. I've found a local garage round the corner from where I live who seems to be classic friendly (they had a Stag in recently). I've had a chat with the owner about the subframe mounting and he has convinced me that I should get it done properly the first time round. Another advantage of using this garage is that I can keep a close eye on proceedings. I've also got a steering rack bush to replace (I've already replaced the other one) so that can get done at the same time. There's also the carb mounts to replace but that can wait until this subframe mount is done.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Brakes sorted.

Unfortunately, the TDC didn't have any seal kits in stock so I ended up getting one on ebay. It came in the post yesterday and I fitted it without any problems. Once the brakes were bled they were working once again.

The subframe mount will need to be sorted out. This means that the engine will have to come out. If I had an engine crane this would make it possible to do the job. I'm also considering replacing the subframe bushes at the same time.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Brake problems - Again!

At this month's local TDC area meeting I lost the brakes. Fortunately, I was able to get home without any problems. Air was getting in the system and the fluid looked dark which pointed to the seals in the master cylinder failing (they were last done in March 2012). Tonight, I managed to unbolt the brake master cylinder an my suspicions were confirmed. The last seal kit was bought from Rimmer Bros so I've decided to order a seal kit from the Club this time. I've got the TSSC meeting next Tuesday so I'll most likely be going in the Astra.

I really need to sort out the steering problem. I know the problem is down to the front subframe being out of line because the driver's side has been tightened up too much and the front mount on that side needs some welding doing. The only way to do the job properly is the remove the subframe to get access to it. I was considering getting an engine steady bar to keep the engine in place and drop the subframe from below. That way, I don't have to remove the engine, drain the cooling system.or disturb the brake hydraulics.