Thursday, June 30, 2005

Not a lot

Fitted the new bulb on Baby Blue so all lights should now work (except for the number plate light which I've gotta look at) I really need to get some more bits off the spares car soon. Brian, my mate has recommended a decent MIG welder to get but I'm a bit loath to spend lots of money on a brand new welder at the moment. I shall make a careful choice before I commit myself.

On the Acclaim front I've won a brand new radiator on eBay for only £25 plus £10 P&P. What a bargain! I'm really pleased with that and Barry can now have his "loan" radiator back.

The Toledo remains on the pub car park until I decide what to do with it. I don't want to part with it and once I've finally got rid of the spares car I'll have somewhere to keep it.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Here is a pic of Baby Blue's newly-painted rear end. Very Dolomite-esque and defintiely an improvement! I turned my attention to the electrics working on the fusebox first. I cleaned all the connections and got the wipers working (just need to replace the wiper blades) When it came to the lights I was scratching my head and gave up. When I was reading the Haynes manual an idea struck me (one of those "Eureka" moments) I decided the remove the outer headlights, test the plug to make sure electrical current was getting through (it was) then I did a continuity test on the light which turned out to be faulty and then I swapped it with one of my spare lights and it was working again. I did the same on the other headlight and now all my headlights are working. After a bit more head scratching with the rear lights I had another "Eureka" moment. I'd already tested for a live feed and did a continuity test on the bulb holders which left the earth as the source of the problem. A bit of rubbing with some emery paper which I found in the glovebox I managed to get the rear lights working except for one of the brake lights which had a broken filament. I didn't do anything with the number plate lights. Before the "Eureka" moments with the lights I managed to drive the car a short distance up the road (which I wouldn't have done before I'd got insurance on baby Blue) and yes I'm still using a petrol can as my temporary fuel tank! I feel that I'm getting to the stage where I need to get some more parts off the spares car if I'm to make any progress. This is the beauty of having an identical car for spares. I've not had to buy any parts so far except for the seats which was the best �1 I'd ever spent! One of the neighbours' kids commented on how the Sprint seats were more comfortable! Posted by Hello

Monday, June 27, 2005

Not much doing...

I've changed the Acclaim on to my everday car insurance (no point paying insurance on a car I no longer own) and Baby Blue is now on the classic car insurance so she can be legally driven to the MoT (whenever that happens!) My next job is to get all the electrics working and with the help of my Haynes manual that shouldn't be too difficult.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Painter man

I did the driver's side sill today and painted it with some more of the black Hammerite-type paint. I also did the rear panel and now from the rear Baby Blue looks just like a Dolomite 1850HL or a Sprint. Maybe I should fit some Sprint alloys, front grilles and a front spoiler as well. I've already got the seats! Anyway she's looking a lot better for having been painted and I've also found a few more holes to patch when I get going with the welder.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Ever since I found that hole on the boot floor it's dampened my enthusiasm a bit but I figured that I should just keep on going so as not to lose heart completely so I decided to do a bit of cosmetics. I'd bought a new wirebush attachment for my drill so I took the opportunity to test it out on the sills. I jacked up one side of the car and as I was jacking the rear end up part of the sill collapsed. Fortunately, I was able to bend it back into shape. More welding for me to do. Talking of which, somebody in the pub is going to lend me his MIG welder as he hardly uses it but I'll need to get my own wire, etc. This is gonna save me a fortune on buying one. I just need some steel plate for making up the patches. (and to practaice on) I'm surprised at the condition of the bodywork. It looks like it's never been welded before. Anyway, I wirebrushed the passenger side sill and then I sprayed it with some black Hammerite-type paint. I also did the Acclaim's front valence and the rear lip of Baby Blue's boot lid (a la Dolomite!) as you can see in the pic. I also put more primer on the bodywork where it had been primed before. Once I've applied the topcoat she will look a lot better. I started her up (must remember to get that exhaust off the spares car!) and I'm glad to report that the alternator is charging the battery as the voltmeter is reading about 13.5V so it is charging correctly. Manged to free the front passenger wheel a bit more and had a go at driving the car. It is moving a bit better but the clutch started to burn. I thought I'd burnt it out but it was better once it had cooled down a bit. If the worst comes to the worst I can always rob the clutch off the spare engine. I think it is a decent one. This is the beauty of having a spares car: I don't have to spend any money on parts! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Ups and downs

Tonight I connected up the fuel lines to the tank and lo and behold it started to leak petrol. On top of that there's a hole in the boot floor that I'll have to patch before I can do anything. Its times like these when I'm glad I've got the spares car to rob parts off. I believe that the petrol tank on the spares car is a decent one but I don't want to fit it until I've sorted out that hole. The sooner I get a welder the better then I can patch those other holes I've found. On a slightly more positive note, I've finished fitting the Sprint seats and while I was at it I swapped the rear parcel shelf as the existing one was in worse condition than the one that came with the Sprint seats. I also worked out where the side panels for the boot were supposed to fit. Like I've said before this car is just one big jigsaw puzzle with some of the pieces still to fit and I'm slowly completing the last few pieces of the puzzle

Monday, June 20, 2005

More progress

I finally got stage 2 of my oil change done. Apart from spilling a bit of oil it went quite well. The engine seems to run a bit better now for having some quality oil (Duckhams) in it. The cheapo 20W/50 was just a short-term measure to flush out the crap and it worked. I've received the registration documents for both of the 1500s and I got a call from Geoff the previous owner to say that his son had taken the VIN plate off the spares car and it was ready to collect. Saves me a job should I wish to change Baby Blue's identity. The guy who sold me the Sprint seats has quite a few Triumphs including a 1300FWD, and a TR7 convertible. A sight to behold! I might be getting more parts off him. He's got an indiactor stalk which would be of use to me. I won't be able to give Baby Blue any more attention until Tuesday night because I'm working tonight in the pub.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

I collected the seats this evening. The seller still has the Sprint that they came out of so I might be getting some more bits off him. When I got back to Baby Blue I couldn't resist the temptation to try and fit one of the seats. I had a go at doing the drivers' seat and it went quite smoothly as you can see in the pic. Posted by Hello

Not only but also

I forgot to mention that I swapped the bonnet release cable as the handle on Baby Blue's had broken on one side. I also swapped the drivers' door lock from the spares car so Baby Blue can now be locked. I'm hoping to connect the petrol tank up to the fuel pump rather than hooking up the petrol can.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

I managed to free both front wheels (still sticking but not as bad as before). I've robbed some more bits off the spares car (not much. I couldn't get the steering column and the battery clamp out despite my efforts) and I even robbed the alternator and battery off the Toledo. I fitted the parts I've robbed and Baby Blue is now a bit better. The alternator is now charging the battery as the voltmeter is registering 14V as it should. The car does move a bit under its own power. I'm sure it will get better the more I do it. I've painted some more of the primer/rust killer and as you can see from the pic Baby Blue looks better for it. I'm hoping to do an oil and filter change on the Acclaim tomorrow. I won those seats on eBay and I've spoken to the seller and I will be collecting them after I've finished working in the pub tomorrow evening. They will look good in Baby Blue and driving comfort will be much improved. Posted by Hello

Friday, June 17, 2005

The spares car

Went to the garage where I keep the spares car and I got the spare wheel and the board for the spare wheel. I also noticed that there was a trim panel on the back panel which looked familiar. Its like a jigsaw puzzle and I'm slowly working out where all the pieces fit. I opened the bonnet and lo and behold the VIN plate was missing! I also grabbed some other stuff that I'd kept in the garage. When I went back to Baby Blue I fitted the spare wheel in the boot and now the boot looks a lot tidier. I'm bidding for a set of seats that have come out of a Dolomite Sprint on eBay. I've checked and they will fit in Baby Blue.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Making slow progress

I managed to free off the drivers' side front wheel on Baby Blue. I started her up and put it into gear and as I let the clutch out the speedo moved. I tried to remove the brake pads and when I was trying to get one of the pins out I damaged the brake caliper. Lucky I had a spare caliper. The only money I've spent on Baby Blue was the paint. Once I've freed the other side and fitted the replacement caliper. I'll have a go and see if she will drive.
On the Acclaim front the air filter that I bought on eBay for £3 arrived through the post so I'll be fitting that soon. Just gotta change the engine oil, filter and cambelt and that's just about it for now.
The Toledo will be donating it's alternator to Baby Blue which will buy me some time to get the existing alternator sorted out.
The spares car will be giving up some more parts for Baby Blue in the not-too-distant future as soon as I can get down there with my tools (ditto with the Toledo for the alternator transplant)

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A bit of paint...

...was put on Baby Blue last evening before I want to the local TSSC meeting. I bought a tin of rust killer/primer (the only money I've spent on Baby Blue so far...) and after wirebrushing the rust holes and the scabby areas of the bodywork I set to work with my paintbrush. Hopefully I've kept the rust at bay until I can get the holes welded. (must remember to get a welder so I can do it myself and save a fortune) I'm planning on robbing some more bits off the spares car and freeing off the brake calipers. I was also thinking about cleaning the front suspension and repainting it. Might as well while I've got the front end up on axle stands with the front wheels off. Robbing the alternator off the Toledo has also crossed my mind. The pub isn't too far away from the garage where the spares car is. I could easily call in on the way.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

I've decided to jack up Baby Blue at the front to find out why the front wheels are almost impossible to budge. I reckon that the calipers are binding and just need freeing (pads will probably need replacing too) . After I'd taken the wheels off I found some more work that needs doing. There's another small hole to patch. For a 1973 Triumph there's only a few places that just need small patches. My 1300FWD of 1966 had a LOT more rust than Baby Blue. I also found a split in one of the steering rack gaiters and one of the track rod ends has lost it's rubber. There's nothing seriously wrong with Baby Blue. Its all small stuff that can be easily sorted out. Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 11, 2005

We have life!

Baby Blue is now running! After swapping the fuel pump from the other engine I managed to get her running. The car wouldn't move forwards or backwards, (the brake calipers meed to be freed off) the cooling system boiled over (needs a flush) and the fanbelt snapped. Fortunately, I found a spare fanbelt so that was easily solved. The ignition light wouldn't go out so I reckon the alternator's not charging the battery. I still need to swap over the steering column from the spares car and get the battery clamp. I might even rob parts off the Toledo for Baby Blue.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Still not running

I've done a couple of bits and bats on Baby Blue. I've fitted the centre bracket for the parcel shelf, fitted the right rear door grab handle, fitted the interior mirror (taken from the spares car) and sun visors (also taken from the spares car). I've resoldered the wire that runs from the igniton switch to the starter motor so I don't have to "hot wire" the car to turn it over. I still can't get her started but fuel isn't getting through to the carb. I reckon that the fuel pump isn't working. I can rob the one off the spare engine. I've already checked the points for a spark so I reckon it's sparking. I'm having problems with the headlights. The outer ones aren't working. Something simple no doubt.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

A name at last!

CDB324L now has a name. Somebody called her "Baby Blue" and I quite like the name so Baby Blue it is from now on. I'm hoping to rob some more parts fron GGN for Baby Blue. The complete steering column, bonnet release cable (the handle on Baby Blue's is broken at one side), sun visors and the interior mirror. If I carry over enough parts I might be able to legally use GGN's registration and get free road tax!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

It's life Jim...

...but not as we know it. I hooked up the jump leads from the Acclaim to CDB and there's life in the electrics. The headlights work and I've had the starter motor turning the engine. I've also found a key that fits one of the boot locks so I can now lock the boot.

Monday, June 06, 2005

I've already done a bit of work on this car. I've fitted the petrol tank, the passenger side headlights, replaced the rear bumper, fitted the front passenger seat and gave it a wash. There's the front footwell carpets and parcel shelf to fit and then I'll see if I can get the car running. Posted by Hello

I've just added to my Triumph collection. A pair of 1500FWDs that were free. The one on the left is a 1973 example and I'm going to get it up and running. The other which is a 1971 example will be my spares car. Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Cool running

The Accalim is still running cool even at high-speed cruising so I'm satisfied that I've finally cured the problem. The loan radiator will buy me enough time to either recore my old radiaitor or get a replacement (whichever is cheaper!) I was at the Pendle & Pennine area meeting last night and the Triumphs were voted for in various categories. I didn't get a single vote in any of the categories except for the "car most in need of TLC" which I won! I thought I'd harmed my chances of winning as the Acclaim has had plenty of TLC in the month that I've had it.

Gotta pick up the woodruff key from the Honda dealer and then I've gotta source a radiator because Barry will want this loan radiator back. Might as well test it out for him! He came to the meeting with me so I hope that I can persuade him to part with those front seats that he has that I want. They came out of the same car as the loan radiator.

Friday, June 03, 2005

The car is now running a lot cooler. I visited Barry the local Acclaim guru and he tried to check the ignition timing but the crankshaft pulley wasn't even lined up which points to a missing woodruff key. Barry kindly donated one of his spare radiators so I went off to the local motor factor for some antifreeze. Replacing the radiator went quite smoothly (apart from some seized clips - nothing a bit of brute force and some WD40 wouldn't solve!) and I took it for a road test. The gauge stayed on 1/3 only going up to just under halfway when idling in traffic (I'd done my road testing during the rush hour!) and all this with the heater on cold! A definite improvement! As you can see from the pic the old radiator is seriously in need of a recore. The local radiator specialist can do the job for �50 plus VAT. I've ordered a new woodruff key from my local Honda dealer for �1.65 and when I have it fitted I can do the cambelt change and stage 2 of my oil change strategy at the same time. I seem to be finding more and more stuff that needs doing! Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Just got back from a spending a couple of days at my mate's in the Teeside area. Apart from a couple of small problems the Acclaim performed fine. When I got there the exhaust was blowing. When I got chance to have a look I noticed that one of the manifold nuts was missing so I managed to find a local exhaust place and they replaced the missing nut and tightened the remaining ones. (which had worked loose) The fitter commented on how hot the engine was and this has prompted me to look at replacing the radiator and I've already put in a bid for one one eBay (pointed out to me by the previous owner) since I've got back. I've also get stage 2 of my oil change plan to do. I'll have done enough mileage by the time I get it done. Posted by Hello