Sunday, May 13, 2012

The cars are still running fine

Becky II is doing 500 miles a week taking me and a few colleagues to and from work. The car sharing offsets my petrol bill and I can claim not only for the mileage but also the fact that I'm car sharing which is offet against my tax liability. In laymen's terms, there is less deducted from my gross pay. In my previous post the windscreen got repaired the same day but the repairer turned up when I'd finished work. The chip is still visible but at least the windscreeen won't crack.

Brown is still running fine. Since I fitted the Sprint dizzy and the electronic ignition. My average fuel consumption worked out at just above 22mpg so I pulled the spark plugs out to check the fuel mixture and they're a biscuit colour so the mixture's fine so it must be the type of driving that I'm doing. I haven't uploaded any photos for AGES so here we go...

The plugs from cylinder Nos 1 &2

The plugs from cylinder Nos 3 &4

Back in February I listed some the shows I was planning to attend. It didn't work out quite that way. I missed Stoneleigh because I couldn't afford the fuel due to money being a bit tight. I thought I was going to miss the Bronte Vintage Gathering because I'd left it too late to send my entry form in and they don't allow entries on the day. The weather was dry and sunny (but windy!) so I went as a spectator so in a way I did make it. I caught up with the local plant hire company (where I used to work) who attend this show and exhibit their vintage excavators. I also saw this Triumph 1500TC which I've never seen before.

I eventually caught up with the owner and got talking to him. I've directed him to the Triumph Dolomite Club's forum and hopefully he might come across this Blog.

As for the remaining shows on my list I'll definitely be able to make Harewood House because my temporary job will last at least until the end of June and possibly beyond. Woodvale and the TDCIR are dependent upon me having a job and with the TDCIR it will also be dependent upon getting Brown through the MoT.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

From oil change to a chipped windscreen

Becky II's oil change is coming due so I got it done yesterday evening while the weather was warm and dry. After a bit of a scare with the wheel ramps I got the car safely on them. It never ceases to amaze me how black the engine oil gets. I've started to change the oil every 3,000 miles and I'm glad that I do. While I was at it I decided to investigate the blowing exhaust. It was blowing at the manifold/downpipe joint and the first thing I noticed was that one of the studs was missing and the remaining 2 nuts were working loose so no wonder that the joint was leaking. I put some Halfords exhaust putty on the joint, bolted it all back together and it has cured the blowing. It has also cured an exhaust vibration I've been having.
My joy was short lived because on the way to work the windscreen got chipped. I've seen the Autoglass adverts on the TV & radio where they tell you not to leave a chip because it will eventually crack so I rang Footman James (my insurers) who gave me the number for National Windscreens who are their official repairers and I'm waiting for the local branch to get back to me. Also, if I leave it and it needs replacing it will cost me at least the windscreen excess and Acclaim windscreens aren't readily available.