Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ups and downs

I've managed to iron out some of the problems caused by the garage during the MoT. The non-working speedometer just needed a new cable, the non-working temperature gauge needed a new sender, I've done the halogen conversion, I've had a look at the horn, I've made some progress with the door switches for the interior light and I've fixed the loose dashboard. A run out to Bramley highlighted how bad the brakes really were so the first thing I decided to try was to bleed them. I soon discovered that the bleed nipple had sheared on the nearside caliper and the one on the offside leaks as soon as it is loosened allowing air to get in the system. I also had the front wheel alignment done in the hope of sorting out a handling problem (a skittish front end) but the problem is still there. The only remaining suspect is a collapsed subframe mount. The only way of investigating will be to remove the subframe from the car. The best way of achieving this will be to lift the front end of the car off the subframe. I can also check the other mounting points at the same time and get everything rectified properly.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Bradford Classic

I finally made it to a show for the first time in over 12 months.
Despite being cosmetically challenged, the car got many positive comments and even got the attention of the news editor of Classic Car Weekly who interviewed both me and the owner of the only other Dolomite that was there. Keep a look out for a write-up within those pages. This is the other Dolomite.
This car was one of the last Dolomites built but wasn't registered until 1982 just over 2 years since it was built. The car is in original unrestored condition, a complete contrast to my not-so-original rolling restoration. The winner of the show was this Jensen Interceptor in a fetching shade of yellow.

There were also a couple of locally built Jowetts. This is an unrestored Javelin which is still in regular use.
The other Jowett was this Jupiter which won the Lord Mayor's choice. This was the only photo I got of the car with the bonnet up showing the flat four engine.
The only other Triumphs there were a couple of Stags, a TR3 and an Acclaim in the same Opaline Green as Becky II

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Road legal once again.

The Dolomite now has an MoT but it wasn't plain sailing. One of the areas that needed welding (the chassis rail) had been patched up before when I first put the car on the road 6 years ago so it had to be done properly this time. With the help of a fellow TDC member, I got a chassis rail delivered to the garage so they could sort this out properly. The engine had to be removed so that the subframe could be lowered. This took longer than expected and when I got the car back it was worse than before. It was running badly, the steering column bush had disappeared (I've had to buy a new one), the speedo has stopped working (suspected broken cable) and a couple of fuel pipes have perished. I won't be using that particular garage again. I've sorted out the running problems and the perished fuel pipes are a cheap and easy fix. The road tax is due at the end of this month so that will get renewed nearer the time.

I know that I don't update this Blog much. I'm too busy on the TDC forum and I have a resto thread on there that is dedicated to my Dolomite.