Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Latest on Snow drop

I haven't updated this Blog much lately so I suppose I'd better do something about it.

Snowdrop's points were playing up. I've tried a couple of things including replacing them. I've since found out on one of the forums that Intermotor points don't last and I think that's what's fitted on the car. I won't know until I check the box which I've still got somewhere. I also found out that the steering column bulkhead bush was never replaced during the MoT saga. Hopefully the stuff I need to dismantle should come apart quite easily as they're all new items. The car has been running on quite a bit. The first thing I'm gonna try is to change her diet from unleaded to super unleaded. I'm hoping to replace the rear suspension bushes. Hopefully, I might pick up a bargain at Stoneleigh.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

And a last look as it goes away... Posted by Picasa

Next I called a breaker to collect the rolling shell... Posted by Picasa

The spares 1500 has finally gone. I managed to strip off as many parts as I could and even dragged it out of the garage as you can see... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The spares 1500 will be going

No I haven't got this particular car up and running. The owner of the garage wants to put a freezer in there so the car has to go so I've been robbing as many parts off this car as I can. I'm struggling with the exhaust at the moment. I may even have to use my grinder to separate the two sections and then it can be removed.

Becky's not had much use lately so I used her for a few days last week and she didn't put a foot wrong or miss a beat. Now that's what I call reliable!