Monday, July 13, 2009

A little incident

On my way to work last night I was behind a Ford Transit at some traffic lights when it rolled back into Brown. The only damage was to the nearside indicator/sidelight lens and a broken sidelight bulb. The driver got out and because there was no damage to his van I told him to get on his way. At the soonest opportunity I went to my storage unit and found a pair of early type indicator/sidelight lenses (Brown has the later type) and I was able to fit them. A replacement sidelight bulb was only £1 so it was a very cheap repair.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Suspension problems

At last! Sonething that needed doing. Somebody I know who was driving behind me said the Brown's right front wheel was wobbling when I was driving so I investigated at the soonest possible opportunity. At first I thought that the front tie bar nuts needed nipping up. Because nuts and bolts have to be tightened up with the weight of the car on the suspension I had to use my wheel ramps. The nuts did need nipping up but only a little. I did the same with the top nuts on the front shock absorbers. I then checked the front wheel camber and it seemed fine and then I found it. The bottom nut and bolt where the suspension is bolted on to the subframe was loose so I got my spanners and sockets and tightened it up anf hopefully it has cured the problem.

Blue's MoT has now run out. I can't do anything until the head gasket has been sorted out so the first thing I'll be doing once I've moved into my garage will be to get Blue's cylinder head off and down to Brian so he can work his magic. He's having some building work done so he hasn't room at the moment to fetch the car down.