Monday, February 25, 2008

Well and truly written off

I spoke to Footman James and I was told that the Sprint is a Category B write off so I won't be able to get the salvage back. This means that I'll have to take the money and run. Hopefully, they'll make me a decent offer. If it is more than what I paid for the car then I'll be happy enough.

Er, haven't I been here before? I'm getting deja-vu...


The road tax is due on my Sprint so as the car's a write-off I've declared SORN. That's £180 I would have had to fork out had the car still been on the road. In some ways it is a blessing in disguise and another reason not to get a Sprint or even an 1850. The Dolomite 1500HL I was offered (I'm still interested Neil!) is quite tempting. I e-mailed the insurance and I'll be following up with a phone call later on today.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Oil changes part 2

I've now got the oil and filter changes done on both cars. I also replaced the fuel filter on Blue. As expected there was some crap so hopefully, I've finally banished the fuel problems for good. I've not heard anything further from the insurance about the Sprint. I'm still condiering my options on what to do. The replacement WILL be a Triumph and not necessarily a Sprint or even a Dolomite. It depends on what comes up at the right price at the right time.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

It lives

I managed to revive Snowdrop. First up I bought new points and condensor on Friday after work. I fitted them when I got home but the car wouldn't start. Today I bought new plugs, leads, dizzy cap and rotor arm. I fitted the rotor arm first and tried the car and she started first time. I'm not pissed off at buying all these parts are the car is due a service anyway so I fitted the rest of the bits and all is well. I'll be doing oil and filter changes on Snowdrop and Blue but now I've brought Snowdrop back to life I'll need to take her for a run to get the oil warm before I change it.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I went to the local TSSC meeting in Snowdrop last night and on the way back she died on me. I checked the obvious things and came to the conclusion that there was no spark at the plugs. If I had my feeler gauges I would have been able to fit the spare points/condenser assembly that got me off the M1 last year. I called out the recovery and the guy came to the conclusion that the condenser had failed as the points were sparking but there was no spark at the spark plug leads. He didn't have any feeler gauges so I ended up going home on the back of the recovery vehicle. I probably won't be able to do anything with this car until I do the oil change. This means I'm back down to one useable car in Blue.

I've heard nothing from the insurance. I hope I don't get stung for lots of storage charges at the recovery place. I've got quite a few options on the Sprint but I think a replacement car will probably be the way forward. Whether it will be another Sprint, that remains to be seen.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Oil changes

Like a bus service you wait ages then 2 come together. Snowdrop's oil and filter change is overdue. The oil I'd bought for the Sprint's next oil change will be used for Snowdrop. Project Blue is a few hundred miles away from an oil and filter change so all I needed was filters for both and oil for Blue. I needed some screenwash so that little lot came to just over £26 from my local Motosave. While I was there I checked Blue's oil and it was below the minimum mark on the dipstick so I immediately topped up with the oil I had left from the last oil change. The guys at Motosave were good. I gave them the registration numbers and they came up trumps! The oil changes will have to wait until next week as I'm going to Stoneleigh this weekend for the first show this year. I'm going down on the Saturday to help with the Triumph Dolomite Club (Club Triumph had their turn last year!) which means I get free entry! I'm booked in at the nearest Express Holiday Inn so no problems with accommodation like last year!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

All tanked up

At last I finally got round to fitting the replacement petrol tank for Project Blue. I took advantage of some free time today and some dry weather. I sprayed the top half of the tank with some black Hammerite smooth (the bottom half has underseal on it) then I removed the old tank and fitted the replacement tank. It went well and I fitted a new fuel filter. I was able to get most of the petrol out and in the replacement tank so I can make it to a petrol station. I think a road test is beckoning...

While I was in a spannering mood I fitted Project Blue's original carbs onto Becky, hooked up some jump leads, a few squirts of Easystart and hey presto SHE RUNS! Like a bag of spanners but the car is a runner. (just!) I think I'm in with a chance of getting this one back on the road.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

My suspicions are confirmed...

I've just got a leter from the assessors and the Dolomite Sprint is a total loss. From their letter they're assuming that I'm not going to keep the salvage. I'd better get the claim form sent off. I'd like to use this car as a donor for another Sprint. Somebody even suggested transplanting the Sprint running gear into Snowdrop. Now that would be a real Q car especially if I kept the steel wheels!