Saturday, July 28, 2007

More news

First up, I've nearly done a thousand miles in Project Blue and she is still going strong. Now that Project Blue is running like a dream I've gone and SORNd Becky. I can't justify spending money on that car after throwing money at Project Blue. I'll sell her to the Guru who will give her a good home.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

In the Dales

After Hawes was the obligatory photoshoot. I took quite a few pics from all angles but this one was my favourite. The weather wasn't the best but I liked the angle nonetheless.

This was too good to miss. We were driving along when Anita spotted these chickens. I agreed that it would merit a photo so we parked up and I took the pic. They weren't scared of me but when Anita suggested I sit down and have my pic taken with them they moved so I wasn't the only one who didn't like the idea!

Anita wanted to feed the chickens so she scrunched up some Pringles and threw them out. The chickens soon went for them. As I was setting off I was a bit worried of running over one or two of them (no free chicken dinner then!) but they moved away as soon as I started the car up.

After that I decided to go to Morecambe which is quite close to the Dales. By this time the Currant Bun decided to make an appearance. The walk along the seafront was a pleasant one. The journey home was done mostly on motorways and the car didn't put a foot wrong or miss a beat so I've definitely solved the running problems. I'd clocked up just over 200 miles and the fuel gauge was just under halfway so I'm pleased with fuel consumption. I can now trust this car to the ends of the Earth and back!

A nice little reliability run

Having got Project Blue running like a dream I decided to have a run out into the Yorkshire Dales. First port of call was the Wensleydale Creamery in Hawes and here I am at the car park. Anita was with me so I got her to take the pic.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

At long last!

I've finally got Project Blue running perfectly. Once I'd fitted Becky's carbs the car ran absolutely 100% perfect. No erratic idling, no lack of power and no drinking petrol. I've clocked up a few more miles (just passed the 23,000 mark) & I'm hoping to clock up a few more before I'm back at work a week on Monday.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Still having problems

Project Blue is a thirsty car. Spark plugs are blackened. It is a dry black so that points to a rich mixture. I've cleaned the carbs as much as I could so I'm going to take desparate measures and cannibalize Becky. She's gonna be off the road as the tax is due at the end of this month and MoT is due before the end of August and isn't likely to pass without throwing lots of money at her so she might as well contribute to a worthy cause. What's left can then go to the Guru.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Bradford Classic

Project Blue made her debut at this year's Bradford Classic. She perfomed flawlessly so I think I've finally nailed the running problems. Just needs a few more miles clocking up and then all will be fine.

Friday, July 20, 2007


At last! The car runs fine. I bought & fittted the parts and it ran. I took it for a run and apart from a lumpy idle it is fine. Just need to tune it up and it should be fine. I'll start again from the beginning now I know I've got new ignition parts. I still reckon that this car needs more use than it has been getting so I filled up with petrol for the first time and gave it a jet wash. The Bradford Classic is on tomorrow so I'll be able to take Project Blue.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Still no better

Project Blue still isn't running right. I'll replace the spark plugs (for the 3rd time!), leads, rotor ram & distributor cap. Other than that not much more to report.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

On the up.

The weather stayed dry so I was able to fit the petrol tank. First up I took the fuel sender unit off and squirted lots of Double T (similar stuff to WD40) inside the sender and I got it working. Once that was refitted I put the tank back on (easy once you've taken it off) added some petrol and stated the car up. It seemed to run a bit better. I went down to my local Morrisons and put some more petrol in and gave the car a run on the motorway. I'm sure this has helped because it was running better (not cutting out whenever I stop the car) and after adjusting the idling I paid a visit to Barry the Acclaim guru. He was impressed with the car and he diagnosed loose weights in the distributor as there was a noise coming from there. I went away and removed the distributor and dismantled it. Lo and behold the weights weren't loose so I cleaned the inside of the distributor with some Double T and put it all back together, got the car running again, added some more petrol (the gauge works now) and took it for another motorway run. It has been fine ever since. I think this car needs to be used so I'll put it into daily use and see how it goes.

Monday, July 16, 2007

A start...

I managed to drop Project Blue's petrol tank which wasn't too bad. I found out why the fuel gauge wasn't working. The sender was faulty so I rang Barry the Acclaim guru and he said that he had some but they were inaccessible so I'm going to have to put the faulty one back. I put a 50/50 mixture of petrol and water in, gave it a shake and left it for 30 mins. While I was waiting I went to a local motor factor and got a fuel filter that is almost identical to the original. Unfortunately it started to rain before I got back home so I drained the tank, refitted the sender unit, put my tools away and pushed the tank under the car. I'm gonna have to call it a draw on this one for tonight.

The problems continue

Project Blue is still giving me grief. I was left stranded in Saltaire with a blocked fuel filter. I called out the RAC (I get free membership courtesy of my bank) and the patrolman diagnosed a faulty fuel pump (they don't work when the filter is blocked!) and towed me home. I've since replaced the filter but the car still won't idle in it's own and a 1000rpm the car runs rough. I even removed the carbs, took off the float chamber covers (which I've been loath to do up to now) and cleaned the jets out. I'm going to have to face the inevitable and drop the fuel tank and clean it out. I can't see what else I can do. All I need now is some decent weather.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Project Blue is now road legal

At last! I've now got a tax disc. After work I went straight to the DVLA office in Leeds to get the taxation class changed. The process went smoothly but getting in and out of Leeds was a nightmare during the rush hour. Anyway the worst is over (I hope) and I plan on clocking up a few miles on the shakedown. My cunning plan is to fill up with petrol and add a concentrated dose of Redex to get thos carbs cleaned out. I need to adjust the throttle & choke cables as well. I hope that the fuel problem will come right.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

At last!

I've finally got that all-important piece of paper. Project Blue finally has an MoT for the first time since 1993. The car still isn't runninf properly but I reckon a good run should help. I've added £5 worth of petrol and some fuel additive. Next up will be the tax disc. I'll also have to change the taxation class from "Disabled" to "PLG". I don't qualify and I certainly ain't gonna cheat our robbing Government so this means a visit to my local DVLA office in Leeds. I just hope I can get there before it closes tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

MoT problems

Did you really expect Project Blue to pass? I don't think so! Main failure points were the brakes (despite new pads, shoes and fluid) and emmissions (caused no doubt by the RH carb running rich) so nothing major and once I've got that piece of paper I can then move on to the next stage which will probably be another story in itself!

Friday, July 06, 2007

MoT time for Project Blue

Finances have improved so I decided to book Project Blue in for the MoT. I tried a different garage which a mate uses and the soonest will be Monday so I dropped the car off after work today. I can't see it failing on much. We shall see...