Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fanbelt and LED bulb.

I bought a new fanbelt for Brown costing my just shy of £3.
As you can see, the old one was in dire need of replacement and was stretched. I had to retension it last night so it should be fine.

I ordered some LED bulbs for my Astra so I bought a couple for Brown. The first bulb I changed was the interior light.
Definitely an improvement. Less heat, less current and longer bulb life. I had assumed that the bulb for the selector lever for the autobox was the same as the interior light (42mm festoon) but it is smaller so I'll have to order another LED bulb. When I took the old bulb out one of the metal terminals came off. This explains why the bulb was working intermittently.

I'm planning on going to work in Brown tomorrow and that evening there is the Club Triumph Pendle & Pennine meeting which has been brought forward because the IAE takes place that weekend (just the way the days have fallen) so it will be a good one tomorrow night. I've put the battery on charge so I shouldn't need a jump start from the Astra.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Reviving Brown

I managed to get the wiper blades replaced costing me just £8. I couldn't afford to go to Gaydon so that didn't happen. Tonight I jump started Brown and went to the local Morrisons for petrol, a jet wash and some air in the tyres. The fan belt is slipping constantly so I'll need to get a new one. My current job is permanent so I can start doing more to this car (including using it!). I haven't been to any club meetings or any shows this year so that will change now. The next meeting will be a local Club Triumph meeting on the 7th of June which is always well attended in that particular month. The next local TSSC meeting is the following Tuesday and there's Northern Dolly Day on Sunday 16th June which I'm hoping won't be rained off like last year.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Becky II has now gone...

The buyer turned up today to collect the car.

I'm now down to just the one Triumph so the Blog will continue. Brown needs new wiper blades, some air in the tyres a good wash and some fuel. If I can afford the fuel I'll be able to make it to the big Triumph event at Gaydon tomorrow.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Becky II has been sold

I haven't used this car since November of last year. The last outing was to the West Yorkshire TSSC meeting and the car had been parked up ever since. Combined with the fact that I've no money until I get paid, I decided to list the car on eBay. One of the bidders came up to view the car with his father (who I happened to know). Because of this I agreed to sell privately and a deal was struck. I ended the listing early and the car will be collected this coming Saturday so for the first time since 2005 I'll be without an Acclaim and I'll be down to just one Triumph. This is truly the end of an era...