Monday, March 31, 2008

Snowdrop's turn for some attention

I got the wheels painted and fitted new tyres on 2 of them. I got the nuts on Saturday and the following day I fitted the wheels. The pic below was before I started.

After the wheels were fitted it transformed the appearance of the car as you can see:

I filled her up with petrol (just over £50. What a rip-off!) and went for a run gently running-in the tyres. I stopped after about 30 miles to check the tightness of the wheel nuts (only a couple of the back needed nipping up) and I took this photo:

I'm planning on fitting twin carburettors (off a Dolly/Spitfire 1500) and when I get paid out for my Sprint I'll be investing in a stinless steel exhaust. This will be fit-and-forget. I also need to sort out the clutch hydraulics as the biting point is virtually on the floor. My good lady noticed that the door bottoms need attention again. I only think she noticed now that the wheels are a lot smarter than before!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wheely good bargain part 2

Here are the wheels and after a pressure wash and the application of some "Wonder Wheels" they looked a lot better. Just need to paint the segments, replace 2 of the tyres and once I've got the correct nuts they can go on Snowdrop. Talking of which, the road tax is due and I've noticed that it has gone up to £120. The government are right thieving bar-stewards! It should be free! Anyway, the deed is done, my bank account is lighter and Snowdrop remains road legal. I had a look at the Sprint in Hull and it is pretty much complete, needs some welding on all the jacking points and the bottom of on of the front wings but seems otherwise sound. The interior is smart and clean. I reckon a good service would revive this car. I just need to transport it back from Hull. Can anybody help me?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wheely good bargain

At the local TSSC meeting last week I was offered a set of Dolomite Sprint alloys for £40 three of which had good tyres so I decided to have them and I picked them up last night. The guy who was selling them had bought them for his Spitifre 1500 but ended up getting a set of Minilites which was the reason for selling the Sprint alloys. They need a good clean (still got some Wonder Wheels left from when I cleaned up the wheels on my Sprint) and one wheel needs the segments painting (got enough black Hammerite smooth left) but I reckon I've got a bargain. They're better than the ones that were on my Sprint. I'll need to get the nuts which will cost me the same again but it's not worth skimping on such a critical item.

On a slightly better note, I've come across a Dolomite Sprint which might be a good replacement for my late lamented Sprint. At £200 it is worth a punt and I've spoken to the owner and it sounds like it doesn't need much work to get it back on the road. With the Easter holidays coming up I should be able to go and view the car. If I get this car I'll be doing the Round Britain Run in it so I could get my co-driver (Brian) to do the work. He'll get it roadworthy no problem and he's got a garage with everything he needs.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Aonther one lost

I finally rang the police to report Baby Blue stolen and I was referred to the local council who referred me to the police officer who had dealt with it. He told me that the car had been trashed and was taken away. The strange thing was that it wasn't on the PNC even though I have a current V5C in my name. Maybe it is because she hasn't been taxed since 1994. I can't do anything about it now and if I could I don't think it is worth spending any money on getting her back. The car owes me nothing so that isn't a problem that way. I don't like to see this car ending up as a cube but my hands are tied. I doubt that the scrappers would let me have the car back as I don't have the police to back me up.

Got another letter from Footman James asking for the Sprint's V5C. I ain't letting them have it as I'm disputing their derisory offer and I want to keep the salvage.

This means that I'm down to 3 cars and 2 of them are road legal. Snowdrop's road tax is due at the end of this month so that's where my money has to go. Not only but also I only have one car (Becky) that needs to be put back on the road.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Not at all good...

Baby Blue has turned up at a local breakers. I only found out when I went onto the Triumph Dolomite Club forum and saw a thread about it. I was shocked! I must admit that I haven't been to where I was keeping the car. I have my suspicions as to who was behind this. Isn't there laws against this? She was taken away without my knowledge or permission.

On a not much brighter note my insurers have offered me £900 for my Dolomite Sprint but they won't let me keep the salvage. Looks like I'm gonna have to fight them on this one. Whoever said that "the only way to depreciate a Dolly Sprint is to write it off" was right.