Saturday, September 02, 2006

Progress with Snowdrop

Yesterday evening was dry and sunny so I took the opportunity to fit the new flexible brake hose. An hour later, job done! It seemed to be fine when I drove her afterwards and this morning when I checked the brake fluid level it was fine. Brakes were fine today and I'm now running around in her and all seems to be well. I was hoping to clean her but the rain seems to have put paid to that.

I managed to get a couple of my engines weighed in at a local scrap metal merchant. The engine that was in the Toledo when I bought it and a 1200 Herald engine that I'd rescued made me £15. Money for nothing!


Anonymous said...

Two more Triumph engines gone to total waste for the sake of £15?

Anonymous said...

15 quid, surely it would have been worth more to break them for parts on ebay? least the bits would have gone to use to keep more cars on the road!

Toledo Man said...

I'd already offered the Herald 1200 engine but with no takers what else can I do? They're ten a penny and at least the metal's being recycled. The Toledo engine was only fit for scrap anyway so better that it is being recycled as well.