Monday, December 10, 2007

All moved now

The move is complete & as you can tell from the pic Project Blue made it up to the new home. I comitted a schoolboy error when I reconnected the battery and ended up blowing one of the fusible links. I robbed Becky's to get the car going again and fortunately the car seems to be none the worse but I think I've killed the radio/cassette. I've got a nice Panasonic radio/cassette or I could fit that Sony CD player which was in Becky.

The Sprint's fanbelt has started squealing (only does it when I've got the headlights on - strange!) so it will need retensioning. Trouble is that it is a bit awkward to get at and the wet & cold weather hasn't really helped. I've also noticed that the overdrive sometimes slips so I'll need to check the gearbox oil level. (another awkward job when you don't have a garage with a pit!) I've fitted most of the parts that I ordered from Rimmer Bros. The wheel centres are on and I fitted the air intake hoses so the car is that bit closer to what it was like when it left the production line in 1975. I'm now on the reserve list for the Round Britain Run so if enough crews drop out then I'll be doing the run. The Dolomite Sprint is the car of choice (a no-brainer!) and my co-driver is Brian an ex-work colleague who restored a Herald 13/60 convertible. If you're reading this Brian I'll be in touch soon!

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