Sunday, September 21, 2008

Time for an update

Since my last entry I've decided to pull out of the RBRR. Last Sunday I went down to the TDCIR (Triumph Dolomite Club's international day) and I went down in the Dolomite 1850. On the way down I took it easy & didn't lose much transmission fluid but on the way back I pushed the car a bit harder and it was like it had been before so. The fluid is coming out of the bellhousing vent so I reckon the torque converter's leaking. This might explain why fuel consumption is crap. Surely, it can't be the Sprint carbs.

The exhaust section I got off the Guru for Blue wouldn't fit. Blue has the later type and the Guru only has the earlier type. I can't use Becky's because she has the earlier type and I'm not swapping the entire exhaust because of the tendency to blow at the manifold joint on those types of exhaust. I've been quote about £80 from Kwik-Fit and my local Motosave. A local Unipart was asking around £60. I'll have to see if I can source one a bit cheaper. The Guru has a complete later type but he will only sell the complete exhaust, not the tailpipe.

Snowdrop remains out of action since the accident. I really need to reapir the leaking brake master cylinder I remove from the Dolomite 1850 and fit it. Ideally the car needs restoring but that's not really possible at this time.

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