Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Repair work for Snowdrop

As some of you may know Snowdrop had an argument with a Merc Sprinter and has been sitting on Anita's drive ever since. As Anita is moving home soon I'll have to move this car so I decided to arrange to get it repaired. I'm not doing it through the insurance because the car would've been written off (beyond economical repair), I'd never see it again and it would have suffered the same fate as the Sprint so I paid Vermont Classics a visit and I've arranged for them to pick it up and get it assessed. They'll be doing the work anyway so I'll just get them to do it at their leisure and pay them something each month. Also, I can source the parts needed myself which will help with the cost. I'll also be losing my parts storage so I'm looking at putting my parts and tools into storage.

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