Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Time for an update

It's been some time since my last post. This was because I haven't done any spannering on my cars so I've had nothing to write about. All that has changed. Blue was overdue an oil change and money's been a bit tight lately but it had to be done so I bought engine oil, oil filter, air filter and a fuel filter. I also needed a replacement glass for my nearside door mirror. The oil change went quite well this time as I hardly spilt any (unlike the last time) and it has made the car run better. One of the Dolly 1850's headlights wouldn't work on dipped beam so I immediately suspected a blown filament in the headlight unit. I bought a replacement but the problem remained. The problem seems to be a wiring problem but when I checked the wiring near the front lights I found it to be a bit brittle and two of the wires broke off. I've got some terminal blocks to reconnect the wires (not ideal but better that twisting the wires and wrapping insulation tape roiund them) but the cold, damp, foggy, snowy weather had put me off doing the job and the front spoiler doesn't help much. I've sourced a replacement automatic gearbox in Coventry for the Dolomite 1850 so I'm hoping to collect it. Got to be worth a punt at £25 from the TDC. Better that the club gets my money.

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