Saturday, March 19, 2011

Service part 4

I got the coolant changed without any problems. I undid the bottom hose to drain the system, I then filled up with clean water and ran it up to working temperature. I then drained the system again and filled up with fresh coolant. I removed the overflow bottle and cleaned it and put some fresh coolant in after I'd refitted it. I put in two litres of antifreeze and then I topped up with clean water which should give approxiamtely a 50/50 mixture. I made a start on changing the timing belt but I couldn't undo the crankshaft pulley bolt so I've had to give up. If I had an air wrench it would have been an easy job. Oh, for a compressor!

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Frances said...

Hi, I have a Triumph Acclaim HLS 1983 and am desperately looking for a door handle (driver side) as old one broke off. Do you have one you would be willing to sell or know of where to get one. I've tried a lot of car parts sites but to no avail so far....

Frances (owner of Vera)!