Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I have finally managed to resolve Brown's exhaust issues. I searched high and low for an exhaust clamp and ended up ordering one from T.D. Fitchett. I also ordered the nut, and washers. I already had the original style clamp so that has saved me a few quid. The part came in the post today so I got it fitted. It needed some fettling because Brown is a mixture of early and late Dolomite 1850 but I got there in the end and it has made such a huge difference to the driving experience. No more knocking! I refitted my previous set of carbs after I'd given them a good clean and I'm still having minor issues. I'll experiment with the ignition timing and see if that makes any difference. I'd like to fit solid carb mounts to eliminate any problems there but that will have to wait until my finances have improved. As it is, I can start to enjoy this car.

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