Saturday, January 17, 2015

A couple of worrying problems...

Last Tuesday on the way to the local TDC meeting that I run, I found that the Dolomite refused to change up. I asked on the TDC forum and somebody said that it could be the kickdown cable. When I took a look at it, I found out that it was indeed the cause of my problem but the inner cable had been pulled all the way out and wasn't retracting. I removed the cable at the throttle bracket end and put a bit of Plus Gas between the outer sheath and inner cable to free it off and it has done the trick. I pulled the cable a few times to free it off and I could hear the kickdown mechanism operating so I knew it had done the trick. Somebody had noticed that the servo hose in the photo in my last post (I'd posted in my "resto" thread on the TDC forum) was in fact heater hose and probably not suitable so I ordered a servo hose from Rimmer Bros. When it came in the post this morning, I fitted it.
One thing less to worry about. I've had to replace the front callipers and reseal the brake master cylinder so I don't want any more brake problems. I'll keep the old hose as an emergency spare as it does the job and I can fit it at the roadside if need be. The car was a bit difficult to start but I got it running and on the road test the brakes were fine and the autobox is changing up as it should so I'm much happier now.

I went round to the garage to arrange getting the subframe mount fixed. I've agreed that the only way to do the job properly is to remove the engine/autobox assembly and then the subframe can be removed completely for unrestricted access. This is the inner wing.
I'm sure that this will yield a suitable repair section. I need to take this down to the garage before the car goes in which will be sometime in February. My deadline is Drive It Day which takes place on the 26th of April. The Super Flex subframe bushes will be fitted at the same time. This will solve the steering problem.

Due to the difficulty in getting the car started, I'm convinced that the battery is past it. Another item to add to my growing shopping list. It will have to wait until the subframe mount is sorted.

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