Sunday, May 04, 2008

Carb swap part 1

As I've mentioned before I was planning to fit twin carbs to Snowdrop and replace the exhaust. This is the first part of this little project and part 1 is my account of getting the parts together. Yesterday I topped up Snowdrop's petrol tank before setting off on my epic journey. (epic for a Dolomite 1300 with a perforated exhaust!) First stop was Rimmer Bros in Lincoln where I picked up the small parts (nuts, bolts, washers, gaskets, etc) costing me just over £85. Next up was Roy (triplecustard on the TDC forum) who had the carbs along with the manifolds and air cleaner. Well worth £50 and just need a good clean. Another of my Dolomite friends, Derek (Autonet7 on the TDC forum) had a Dolomite 1500 exhaust that he was giving away free. He was in Guilford and I decided that having gone as far as Roy's (the bottom corner of Linolnshire about 20 miles from Peterborough) I decided to go on to Guilford. A complete exhaust would be worth the extra petrol. When I got there I wasn't disappointed. Derek had struggled to separate the front and middle sections of the exhaust without success (I knew this before I came down) but with my help we managed to separate them and I was able to fit the exhaust in Snowdrop's boot. I also took a propshaft (useful as a spare with a decent looking centre bearing) and a starter motor which we worked out was from a Dolomite 1850 so it was worthwhile. The journey back took me about 4 and a half hours which wasn't bad. I stopped off at Milton Keynes to get some petrol by which time I'd covered 405 miles. The petrol tank holds 12.5 gallons so that worked out at least 32.4 miles to the gallon and I know how far I can go on a full tank of petrol. I put £30 worth of expensive BP unleaded (£1.10 per litre!) in and that was enough to get me back the remaining 170 miles to Anita's house in Halifax. Despite doing around 70mph Snowdrop behaved all the way back and the temperature gauge remained constant (I was running the heater on hot) I was sweating even though I was wasn't wearing my fleece or jumper. I got back safely but the exhaust sounds worse. I think it is nearly ready to let go. Lucky I have a better one. Defintely worth the trip to Guilford. Total mileage: 575

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