Sunday, August 24, 2008

It has been a good weekend

The autobox has stopped leaking but the car was running like a bag of spanners at low revs. I started to replace the ignition parts in the hope that it would cure the problem. First up were the spark plugs, next it was the HT leads and after cleaning the terminals on the distributor cap & rotor arm it cured the problem. New ones will be ordered but the car runs like a dream. I'd also cleaned the carburettor dashpots and balanced the carbs which helped things along. I've stopped the exhaust blowing at the manifold-downpipe joint so it is a bit quieter. I also solved the problem with my CD player which was losing the memory whenever it turned the ignition off and lately it would lose power. First I moved the earth wire to a more suitable earthing point (I ended up using the driver's door treadplate) then I ran a wire from one of the fuse terminals (a permanent live) for the memory wire on my CD player and now the CD player works as it should. I cleaned up the contact on the passenger side courtesy lamp switch and the interior lamp now comes on when the front passenger door is open.

All in all, a productive weekend.

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