Saturday, August 16, 2008

Triumph over adversity

When I picked the car up I noticed the that brakes hardly worked but more of that later on. I filled up as planned but the jetwash was out of action. Today the automatic transmission wouldn't work and left me stranded. For some reason I'd lost 2 litres of trnamission fluid. Once it was replaced all was well. I suspect that due to lack of use the gaskets were porous. Now the car is back in use it should come right. I've not had any problems since. I also changed the engine oil and filter. I bled the brakes and somehow air was getting in. At fist I thought it was a leaking wheel cylinder and tried various motor factors without success. Then it dawned on me that the master cylinder could be leaking. I robbed Snowdrop's as that was known to be working having been rebuilt for the 2006 MoT. Once it was fitted and the brakes bled it was fine. Now I'll all set for tomrrow's Northern Dolly Day up in the Yorksire Dales.

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