Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hacked off

Brown (Dolomite 1850) hadn't been used for a while and needed moving to another part of the car park where it is parked so I decided to fire it up. I needed a jump start from Blue and as the petrol tank was nearly empty I decided to kill two birds with one stone and put some petrol in the tank as well as giving the car a bit of a run. I went to my local Sainsbury's and put £10 worth of unleaded in. When I got back on the car it wouldn't start. I managed to move the car on to the car park and after trying to clean up the terminals on the starter inhibitor switch it still wouldn't turn over. I measured the voltage across the battery terminals and got 10.35 volts so I assumed that there wasn't enough juice in the battery. I called out the breakdown recovery service and I ended up coming back on the back of a recovery vehicle. I now suspect the inhibitor switch and being hacked off (hence the title of this post) I'm gonna leave it until the morning to sort it out. At least I have something to write about this week.

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