Friday, February 27, 2009

I thought I'd solved it but...

...Brown's starter inhibitor switch problem came back to haunt me. I was at my local Morrisons (putting more petrol in) when the starter wouldn't turn (AGAIN!) I tried pulling the terminals from the inhibitor switch to no avail. I measured the voltage across the battery and it was losing voltage (back down to 10 volts) Being a bit closer to home I got one of my neighbours to give me a hand. After getting some boost I disconnected the multi plug before the inhibitor switch, bridged the terminals and got the starter spinning. Then I noticed that a couple of wires to the coil had come off. I got them reattached (with the help of the petrol station staff both of whom I knew) and I was on my way. When I got back the car wouldn't start but I was able to jump into Blue so I wasn't stuck. I tried again this morning and the car started without any problems so the battery must be fine now. I just need to use the car a bit more to keep the battery charged. I hope that when I finally get round to doing the autobox swap I can sort out the inhibitor switch problem rather than just having to bypass it. I need to fit proper connectors to the coil connections as I had to use electrical tape as a quick-fix measure. I got paid to day so I splash out a bit on these necessaries.

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