Monday, December 26, 2011

Not a good week.

Last week wasn't a particularly good week for me.

Having revived Brown after being stood for a couple of months I decided to go to work in it and the car died on me. The recovery guy diagnosed a faulty coil but the electronic ignition is also a suspect. The result was that I was and hour and half late for work. I took the battery off and recharged it and I ran a few tests and it is pointing to the ignition unit being the cause. To prove this I will fit the points and condensor to my spare distibutor (good thing I kept all the bits) so we shall see...

On the Thursday when I was out and about in Becky II (the other half was getting her hair done at her daughter's salon) I heard a strange sound coming from the NRS wheel. Fearing the worst I stopped the car to find that the tyre was flat. I tried to inflate it but it wasn't holding any pressure. There was a screw lodged in the tread. It is reapirable but because the tyre is worn almost down the the tread wear indicators it would be best to get it replaced. The rear tyres have been on the car for nearly 2 years and done about 30,000 miles so I've done quite well with them. I put the spare wheel on to get me going and one of my New Year resolutions will be to replace the rear tyres on Becky II. I'll probably fit 155s instead of the 175s that are on the rear wheels. This will help when the snow comes next year.

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Anonymous said...

David, I just wanted to say i always read your blog, it is on my Favourites on my Personal Computer (PC). I always await your updates and check daily. I run a 1981 Triomatic Acclaim and use this blog as a huge source of information to keep it on the road. I think you should maybe consider serialising and publishing this blog as a book to enable other owners to keep these lovely old cars alive. Yours, Andy Mason.