Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Clutch problems

Becky II's clutch is slipping. I've been expecting this since I nearly burnt it out last year towing a Fiesta off the drive. I've adjusted the cable which has improved things but has only bought me some time. I've changed the clutch twice before on Becky & Margaret (2 of my previous Acclaims) so I can avoid the pitfalls I've encountered before. Also, it isn't expensive. Being front wheel drive with a transverse layout the gearbox oil has to be drained and the driveshafts have to be removed before the gearbox can be removed. Unlike most manual gearboxes the Acclaim's uses engine oil which is cheaper than gearbox oil. I'll refill the gearbox with fresh oil as I don't know how long the oil has been in there. I hope it doesn't let go before I can do the work.

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