Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Distributor replacement done

Last week all the parts for my dizzy arrived so I was able to build up the replacement dizzy.

I fitted the electronic ignition and fitted the dizzy to the car but this proved futile. Working in the rain and darkness (I was doing it last Thursday evening) certainly didn't help so I had to give up. On the Saturday morning I went back to it and got the car running with points and condenser. Once that was done I could then fit the electronic ignition and after ajdusting the timing it was fine. So I was set for the following day which was Drive It Day. To mark this day I tagged along with the West & North Yorkshire TSSC area group run out to the National Coal Mining Musem For England. Brown didn't miss a beat and on the way home I took the scenic route through Huddersfield and stopped at Scammoden Dam for a couple of photos before going home. After 100 miles Brown is still running fine. I've kept the points and condenser in the glovebox just in case. The electronic ignition will be cheap and easy to replace should it ever fail.

Total cost - about £40

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