Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fanbelt and LED bulb.

I bought a new fanbelt for Brown costing my just shy of £3.
As you can see, the old one was in dire need of replacement and was stretched. I had to retension it last night so it should be fine.

I ordered some LED bulbs for my Astra so I bought a couple for Brown. The first bulb I changed was the interior light.
Definitely an improvement. Less heat, less current and longer bulb life. I had assumed that the bulb for the selector lever for the autobox was the same as the interior light (42mm festoon) but it is smaller so I'll have to order another LED bulb. When I took the old bulb out one of the metal terminals came off. This explains why the bulb was working intermittently.

I'm planning on going to work in Brown tomorrow and that evening there is the Club Triumph Pendle & Pennine meeting which has been brought forward because the IAE takes place that weekend (just the way the days have fallen) so it will be a good one tomorrow night. I've put the battery on charge so I shouldn't need a jump start from the Astra.

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