Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ups and downs

I've managed to iron out some of the problems caused by the garage during the MoT. The non-working speedometer just needed a new cable, the non-working temperature gauge needed a new sender, I've done the halogen conversion, I've had a look at the horn, I've made some progress with the door switches for the interior light and I've fixed the loose dashboard. A run out to Bramley highlighted how bad the brakes really were so the first thing I decided to try was to bleed them. I soon discovered that the bleed nipple had sheared on the nearside caliper and the one on the offside leaks as soon as it is loosened allowing air to get in the system. I also had the front wheel alignment done in the hope of sorting out a handling problem (a skittish front end) but the problem is still there. The only remaining suspect is a collapsed subframe mount. The only way of investigating will be to remove the subframe from the car. The best way of achieving this will be to lift the front end of the car off the subframe. I can also check the other mounting points at the same time and get everything rectified properly.

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