Thursday, August 07, 2014

Road legal once again.

The Dolomite now has an MoT but it wasn't plain sailing. One of the areas that needed welding (the chassis rail) had been patched up before when I first put the car on the road 6 years ago so it had to be done properly this time. With the help of a fellow TDC member, I got a chassis rail delivered to the garage so they could sort this out properly. The engine had to be removed so that the subframe could be lowered. This took longer than expected and when I got the car back it was worse than before. It was running badly, the steering column bush had disappeared (I've had to buy a new one), the speedo has stopped working (suspected broken cable) and a couple of fuel pipes have perished. I won't be using that particular garage again. I've sorted out the running problems and the perished fuel pipes are a cheap and easy fix. The road tax is due at the end of this month so that will get renewed nearer the time.

I know that I don't update this Blog much. I'm too busy on the TDC forum and I have a resto thread on there that is dedicated to my Dolomite.

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