Monday, August 31, 2015

Made a start on my new job list.

I can remember many moons ago a pearl of wisdom that was imparted to me by a tyre fitter. Before I get the front wheel alignment done, I should put some miles on the car to settle the steering and suspension. I ended up putting 10 miles on the car and the steering was as bad as before. I needn't have worried because when I went to the local tyre place that I use, they put their equipment on it and it was way out by 25mm. After it had been adjusted, the steering was much better so it was worth every penny of the £15 it cost me.

I've managed to free off the choke cable. I undid the end of the cable and ran some light oil down the inner sheath and it has done the trick. I've also lubricated the choke linkages.

I've made a start on removing the awful primer. This is going to be hard work but it should improve things.

The next thing will be to replace the carb mounts. The rubber ones are past it and I want to fit the solid ones from the TDC.

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