Thursday, September 03, 2015

A decision on the paint.

This is what the Dolomite currently looks like. It really needs a proper respray but there are a few bodywork issues such as the dent in the offside rear wing which needs the filler taking out (a replacement panel is only available secondhand from a scrap car) and the dent pulling out. I don't want to leave it like it is so I'll get a few rattle cans which should tidy it up a bit until I can get it sorted out properly. I went out to Bramley for the local TDC area meeting (I'm the Area Organiser) on Tuesday and the car didn't put a foot wrong. Tomorrow I'll be going a bit further afield to the local Club Triumph meeting. I was absolutely loath to go any great distance the way the car was before I had the subframe mounts repaired and this will be stretching the car a bit more. There's the TDCIR on Sunday so it will be good to get some miles clocked up before then.

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