Monday, September 28, 2015

Even more work done.

I've managed to get some more paint on the offside A-post and the nearside D-post.

I can't do any more until I can get some more Russett paint and the local Halfords is out of stock (I must've cleared them out of Russett!). I've managed to get some of the white paint off the nearside rear door.

The car wasn't running quite right so I swapped the carburettors. It was idling better but was still the same. I swapped the carbs twice more. The car was changing up late so checked the fluid level in the autobox and it needed topping up. During the last carb swap I adjusted the kickdown cable and it has improved things. Next, the alternator decided to stop working. New bushes and a clean-up of the connections to the rectifier seems to have fixed it.

I've finally banished the alloy wheels which are forever losing air. Somebody was offering a set of steel wheels for free in the Merseyside area so I snapped them up. They turned out to be SE wheels which wasn't what I was after but they were too good to pass up. I'm that desperate to stop constantly pumping up the tyres every couple of days. Dragging out the compressor is becoming a pain.
Only one of them needed the tyre replacing. I put the best 3 on the car and my spare wheel which is the correct type has gone on the car.
You can see the difference between the normal Dolomite wheel on the front and the SE wheel (similar to the Spitfire & GT6) on the rear. I know somebody who has a set of the correct wheels so I can do a swap because they're on one of his cars and doing the swap keeps his car rolling and I get exactly what I want. I also have a set of Sprint carburettors which I collected for him. He'd bought them on ebay and the seller was local to me so I offered to pick them up. The tyres look like they're holding pressure so I can live with the SE wheels for now.

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