Monday, February 12, 2007

Beyond Stoneleigh

The show was great! I met a few fellow enthusiasts, sold some parts and bought a few parts. I managed to get a complete set of rear suspension bushes for Snowdrop, a front indicator/sidelight lens & a rear "Dolomite 1300" badge to replace Snowdrop's which is faded. I also picked up the current edition of Triumph World from the editor himself who had a stand at the show. The last place I found this elusive magazine was at the Club Triumph National Day last year! The journey back was fine until I was approaching Donnington Park services on the M1 northbound when Snowdrop shuudered, there was a bang and the car died 300 yards short of the services. It turned out that the points were to blame and they'd only recently been fitted! Fortunately, I had a spare set of points and all the tools available to do the job so once they'd been fitted and the gap was set I was under way once again and the rest of the journey was completed without further incident. Afterwards I decided to put Becky back into use. There wasn't enough charge to turn the starter motor so I bump-started her and gave her a 10-minute drive. This was enough as she started up this morning and has been fine ever since. Until I get some replacement points Snowdrop will be out of use. Once I've found the bolts I'll be getting the poly bushes fitted as soon as possible. I can also fit the lens. The badge was replaced just before I get Becky running again.

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