Monday, November 26, 2007

Good & bad.

I'm gonna start off with the bad. Project Blue has let me down big style. I was supposed to go down the the Heritage Motor Centre on Saturday. The car started to run like a bag of spanners which I put down to the fuel filter being blocked. After changing the filter it happened again so I turned back at Nottingham and I managed to get back as far as Birstall when the car died and wouldn't start again. I called out the breakdown people and got the car towed the rest of the way to Anita's house. The ongoing fuel filter blockage problem is due to a rusty petrol tank the only cure for which is replacement of the tank. Fortunately, the local Acclaim Guru has provided me with a replacement tank (rust free!) so Project Blue will be out of action until I can fit the tank. This shouldn't be too difficult because I've done it before.

Moving on to the good. I cured a small problem with the Dolomite Sprint's cooling system in that it wouldn't go above the quarter mark on the temperature gauge. The first thing I did was to replace the expanison tank cap, then I flushed the cooling system and refilled with fresh coolant. It seems to have done the trick as the heaters feel a bit warmer and the gauge reads a bit warmer but it still doesn't go above halfway. Problem solved! This car is less trouble than Project Blue at the moment.

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