Sunday, January 20, 2008


Yesterday I went over to S&S to pick up the fan assembly. It was complete with the fan blades and at £25+VAT it was well worth it. Simon & Steve are great guys - true enthusiasts. I spent more time chatting with them. The place is an Aladdin's cave of TR7 parts. I wouldn't mind a TR7 myself but I've too many Triumphs!

The weather was dry so when I got home I got down to the spannering. The old assembly came off quite easily but the bolts were awkward to get at. Fitting the replacement wasn't too difficult but once again the bolts were awkward to get back in but with the help of my 1/2" spanners (no room for a socket & ratchet) I got there in the end. I also fitted the new fan belt I'd bought from Rimmer Bros and tensioned it up. The old one is now in the boot as an emeergency spare. While I was at it I removed and refitted the bracket for the air cleaner trunking as it was held on by only one bolt. It is fitted to the right of the radiator sharing it's mounting bolts. I'd fitted it in a bit of a rush using only the top bolt. I repositioned the battery clamp as it wasn't quite in the right place and I finally fitted the loose exhaust clamp. It had been like that since before my Irish jaunt! The result - it works a treat! I found out why the battery clamp had been moved. When the car was ticking over the air cleaner would come into contact with the battery clamp. I suspect that an engine/gearbox mounting is the root cause. I'll have to dig out the list that Carl (who owned the Sprint before Mark) had done.

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