Friday, February 08, 2008

Oil changes

Like a bus service you wait ages then 2 come together. Snowdrop's oil and filter change is overdue. The oil I'd bought for the Sprint's next oil change will be used for Snowdrop. Project Blue is a few hundred miles away from an oil and filter change so all I needed was filters for both and oil for Blue. I needed some screenwash so that little lot came to just over £26 from my local Motosave. While I was there I checked Blue's oil and it was below the minimum mark on the dipstick so I immediately topped up with the oil I had left from the last oil change. The guys at Motosave were good. I gave them the registration numbers and they came up trumps! The oil changes will have to wait until next week as I'm going to Stoneleigh this weekend for the first show this year. I'm going down on the Saturday to help with the Triumph Dolomite Club (Club Triumph had their turn last year!) which means I get free entry! I'm booked in at the nearest Express Holiday Inn so no problems with accommodation like last year!

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