Friday, April 25, 2008

At last!

I've been paid out for the Sprint. As soon as the cheque arrived I hot footed it down to the bank and paid it into my account. I can now move on with my planned improvements to Snowdrop. Before I can do that I need to sort out the clutch. I'd ordered one from Champion Motor Spares and I picked it up after work costing me £45. I'm hoping to get it fitted over the weekend. Anita's landlord is getting funny with her saying I can't do repairs on the driveway. He thinks we're not looking after the place but it isn't a mess and if I don't fix Snowdrop it won't get done. He's not a classic car enthusiast which is no surprise as he drives a Bimmer and as some of you may know I don't have a high opinion of those who own the products of Bavaria Motor Works. I'm hoping to sort the clutch hydraulics out as well. I'm going to order a new clutch salve cylinder from the Triumph Dolomite Club in a bid to cure my low biting point.

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