Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rear light replacement

I've dug out my rear light units that came off my spares 1500 and I've just fitted them to Snowdrop. The left rear indicator lens was broken and I'm sure it is affecting the left indicator. It has been like this since I bought the car. Anyway, all is well with my rear lights. Next up will be a "1300 TC" conversion that's doing the rounds on the Triumph Dolomite Club forum. ( Basically this involves taking a standard Dolomite 1300 and fitting carbs, exhaust manifold, exhaust & rear axle from a Dolomite 1500. This will result in a small gain in power, smoother running and better motorway cruising. I also want to fit some better door mirrors as Snowdrop has an ugly aftermarket door mirror on the driver's door and there isn't one on the passenger side.

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