Saturday, June 15, 2013

A bit more work done.

I have been meaning to sort out a blowing joint on the exhaust so one sunny evening. I managed to remove and separate the entire exhaust except for the downpipe. I then carefully reassembled it and I now have a leak free exhaust. It still isn't 100%. Ideally, I'd like to fit a new one so I'll need to save some money and get a stainless exhaust from the Triumph Dolomite Club.

I then turned my attention to the carbs. I knew the mixture was fine so I concentrated on getting them balanced. I found my carb balancer and after adjusting the front carb it was running a lot better. Brown is running on SU HS4s and being a 1972 car it should have Strombergs. I was looking at fitting Stromberg carbs but opinions are divided so I've put the idea on hold. Besides, the money it'll cost me can be better spent on other things and some of the parts I'll need are quite elusive.

The most recent job I've done is to complete the instrument panel. It started out as the later type and now it is the early type. It is also possible to adapt the later type loom. An example is the warning light cluster. The multiplug connector is different between early and late cars but the wires are still the same colour so if you swap like for like it will work. The only downside is that I can't use the heated rear window and the seatbelt warning light doesn't work. These are minor problems which can be resolved. I've had to keep the existing hazard switch because the indicators won't work without it. It'll have to do until I can wire the rocker switch up

There's a show tomorrow at Harewood House in Leeds. This will be the first show I'm doing this year. The weather forecast is dry with some sunshine so it will be better than last year when it was cancelled due to the heavy rain.

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