Monday, December 15, 2014

That subframe mount...

I've decided to bite the bullet and get this subframe mount sorted out once and for all. This is what it looks like at the moment.
To get proper access to it, the engine will have to come out for the subframe to be unbolted. Because there have been patches around this area previously, they will have to be unpicked and fresh metal welded in. I was offered an inner wing from a scrap Dolomite so I've taken up this offer. I'm assured that it is rot free in this vital area so that has saved me a few quid on the repair kit that the TDC sells. I'm going to renew the subframe bushes as well (makes sense to do it while the subframe is coming off) so I've ordered a full set of Super Flex subframe bushes from Chris Witor taking advantage of the 10% discount he gives to TDC members. I've found a local garage round the corner from where I live who seems to be classic friendly (they had a Stag in recently). I've had a chat with the owner about the subframe mounting and he has convinced me that I should get it done properly the first time round. Another advantage of using this garage is that I can keep a close eye on proceedings. I've also got a steering rack bush to replace (I've already replaced the other one) so that can get done at the same time. There's also the carb mounts to replace but that can wait until this subframe mount is done.

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