Thursday, December 18, 2014

Some more stuff done.

Today's main job was to tune the carburettors and to this end I put some fresh petrol in. I was pleasantly surprised to see that unleaded has gone down yet again to 110.7p per litre at my local Asda. When I got back the engine had reached working temperature so I was able to start on the tuning. I screwed the jet adjusters all the way to the top and then back down 12 flats. It isn't perfect but it is a good starting point. Next I unscrewed the throttle adjustment screws. The choke linkage was adjusted and the fast idle screws were unscrewed as far as possible (this was the cause of my fast idling). I then started the engine but it wouldn't run so I screwed the idle screws in a bit until the engine would run. Next was to balance the carburettors. I have a balancer for this very job. It is a metal one I bought from my local Moss and has served me well. Once the carbs were balanced, I adjusted the idle, refitted the air cleaner and adjusted the idle again. The car is now running much better. I've just the fast idle to sort out but that can be done another time. The car is still not quite 100%. The breather pipes are perished so I've ordered a pair from Robsport. The carb mounts are past their best so I'll order a pair of the solid carb mounts from the TDC. I've considered fitting Stromberg CD150s as per original spec (I've even got the correct inlet manifold) but if it ain't broke...

Another brake problem has come up. The brake lights have stopped working and despite swapping with some spares that came off the Astra when I upgraded to LEDs, I still had no joy. A trip to the local Halfords saw a brand new pair of bulbs fitted which has fixed the problem. I'll be fitting LED bulbs but this is WAY down on the priorities. I need to fix that subframe mount. The steering doesn't feel right especially on full lock.

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