Thursday, December 04, 2014

Brake problems - Again!

At this month's local TDC area meeting I lost the brakes. Fortunately, I was able to get home without any problems. Air was getting in the system and the fluid looked dark which pointed to the seals in the master cylinder failing (they were last done in March 2012). Tonight, I managed to unbolt the brake master cylinder an my suspicions were confirmed. The last seal kit was bought from Rimmer Bros so I've decided to order a seal kit from the Club this time. I've got the TSSC meeting next Tuesday so I'll most likely be going in the Astra.

I really need to sort out the steering problem. I know the problem is down to the front subframe being out of line because the driver's side has been tightened up too much and the front mount on that side needs some welding doing. The only way to do the job properly is the remove the subframe to get access to it. I was considering getting an engine steady bar to keep the engine in place and drop the subframe from below. That way, I don't have to remove the engine, drain the cooling system.or disturb the brake hydraulics.

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