Saturday, March 03, 2007

Electrical woes & Baby Blue on the move

Lately the indicator on Snowdrop was a bit dodgy on the right indicator. In an attempt to cure this I decided to check the contacts on the switch and in doing so I broke it! On top of that I broke a couple of the terminals on the headlight switch which is connected to the indicator stalk by one of the wires. I'll need to replace the stalk. (the one off the Toledo is slightly different) and I'm sure I've got a spare headlight switch but I can't find it and I'm loath to rob Baby Blue's which would make me mobile again. (I can't use Snowdrop if I can't switch on the lights) I've done some asking around and hopefully something will turn up.

I've found a new resting place for Baby Blue, I now have use of an off-road parking space so I got Baby Blue steerable and therfore towable. The lack of brakes didn't help when being towed and one the way one of the track rod ends came out which necessitated a trip back to where I'd left Snowdrop to get my tools. Once that was sorted out the rest of the journey was completed without further incident. I've since cleared out a few things from the car and Baby Blue looks more like a car rather than a mobile storage shed! Hopefully, this will be a short term solution and it gives me some breathing space to find a more permanent resting place.

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