Saturday, March 17, 2007

I should've done this a bit sooner but better late than never! The Restoration Show went quite well despite not getting everything done that I'd planned to do. First up was my service which went according to plan. All the wheels recieved a coat of silver Hammerite smooth paint. (as did the rocker cover) I was unable to swap my plastic expansion tank with the brass one because I'd forgotten the bracket and besides, I couldn't undo the hose clip. I ended up selling the expansion tank for £10. I sold a few other bits too. I also replaced my rear section of exhaust which was delivered to the show by a fellow Triumph Dolomite Club member. I decided to get a new clamp and ended up getting one from Bill & Karen Davies of Rarebits costing me only 90p! Fitting the exhaust was easier than taking it off!

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