Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Getting Blue repaired

As you may know Blue's been out of action due to a suspected head gasket failure. I was given the name and phone number of someone who skims cylinder heads and I was quoted a price of £20 so I'll be going for it as soon as funds allow. I'll be replacing the timing belt at the same time as it is an unknown quantity. All I need to do is to get Blue to somewhere where I can remove the head. I'll order the head gasket set and timing belt from Champion as well. The guy who reommended the engineering place builds replica bodies of the Triumph Spitfire Le Mans in fibreglass and was recently featured in a recent edition of Triumph World.

Brown needs a replacement choke cable, an exhaust bracket for the intermediate section, (the bit between the 2 silencers just ahead of the rear axle) new steering rack bushes and the gaskets for the exhaust manifold. These are the more immediate jobs.

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