Thursday, May 28, 2009

More work done

I got 2 more jobs crossed off my list. They were the engine oil and filter change. Unfortunately, I suffered a disaster. After completing the job I started the car and when the oil light didn't go out I stopped the engine and to my horror there was a large puddle of engine oil beneath the car. It turned out that I hadn't fitted the filter housing on straight so oil was just leaking out. I refitted the filter housing and refilled with oil. (after having to buy some more engine oil) This time there were no leaks and Brown is none the worse for the loss of oil. I use some cheap cat litter (£1.16 for a 10kg bag) from my local Morrisons to soak up the oil slick. I've just put down a 2nd bag as the first one didn't soak it all up. I've also tuned the car again. I checked the timing and it was on TDC so I have adjusted it and set it by ear rather than follow the figures. I synchronized the mixture by ajusting the jets until they were level with the carburettor bridge and then turned the nuts down 12 flats to get an initial setting, adjusted the tickover, balanced the carbs by ear with the rubber hose, weakened the mixture by a couple of flats and then checked the tickover and there seems to be more power. The exhaust is still bowing at the manifold so I'm gonna get ETC to sort out the manifold. They did the same job with Becky so my exhaust problems should be sorted once and for all.

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