Sunday, May 03, 2009

Some light spannering

I filled up today and consumption has averaged out at just over 23mpg. Not as good as before but still not too bad. I'll get a better idea at the next fill up as I've swapped the carbs since the previous fill up. Brown's running like a dream and is better than before when cold so I can cross the carb job off my list. I also took the opportunity to jet wash the car as I'm going to a classic car show tomorrow at the White Rose Centre in Leeds. After the jet wash I balanced the carbs and they weren't that much out. I adjusted the tickover and I'm now happy with the way Brown is running. The show will give me an opportunity to give Brown a blast along the M62 as the White Rose Centre is just off junction 28 so I'll see what it's like at motorway speeds. Money's getting a bit tight again so no more spending till the next pay day.

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